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Fiona Cuypers-Stanienda, based in Eindhoven, is  an artist and photographer  with significant experience in architecture. She trained as an architect at the ETH Zurich, UdK Berlin and Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, where she gained her M.Arch and AA Diploma.

Fiona exclusively engages in analogue photography, with a preference for the Hasselblad 500CM. This choice transcends mere technique, embodying her artistic philosophy. She intentionally uses this method to decelerate time's perception, capturing subjects—whether humans, objects, or architectural forms—from an intimate, eye-level perspective.

Her photography has been distinguished in various prestigious publications and exhibitions, including the Architectural Association, AA Bookshop, British School at Rome, Wallpaper, and REAL. In 2020, her thesis was highlighted in the Architect's Journal. Fiona's collaborations span across notable international architecture firms such as Johnston Marklee (Los Angeles, US), Valter Scelsi (Genoa, IT), Studio JK (Hamburg, DE), and with Francis Kéré (Berlin, DE), a Pritzker Prize laureate.

Since 2022, Fiona runs an architectural-research agency called ‘RRA’ Radical Research & Re-storying Agency, which is informed by the question: “how can the pre-colonial past inform a decolonial future?”. Through her diverse roles and contributions, Fiona embodies the interdisciplinary approach that characterizes contemporary practices in architecture and the visual arts.

Selected Exhibitions

2020    “Reporting from Rome”, AA Bookshop, London, UK
2019    Portico, British School at Rome, Rome, Italy
2016    “Lugo Land”, Lugo, Italy

Awards and Residencies

2019    Nicholas Boas Travel Scholarship, British School at Rome, Rome, Italy
2017    AAF Travel Award, Architectural Association, London, UK

Publications and Features

Architect ́s Journal
British School at Rome

Walker Art Center


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