The trademark of our time is its accelerating step. Faced by information overload, which has led to our constant distraction, awareness has been replaced by disconnection, not just from our immediate surroundings, but from our own physical and mental consciousness.

Enclosed for two years, the Pausis provides a spatial time out. Technology becomes a tool to both finance life within the Pausis, as well as becoming simultaneously the third window. Fusing ‘Big Brother’ and the digital fireplace, a camera broadcasts live static images to the screens of our devices.

The Pausis is a device to slow down the perception of time. In order to reflect on our role in society, we need to withdraw from it. Solitude, or at least some form of significant separation from the rest of society, carries symbolic power.
Date: 2019
Location: Genoa, IT
Tutors: Guillermo Lopez and Jack Self
Painting: Saint Simeon Stylites the Younger, Wellcome Collection

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