Portrait of The West Coast

"Portrait of The West Coast," part of my "Portrait of" series, dives into the striking differences and rich history of Arizona and California. The series features seven photos, each capturing a distinct slice of the West Coast life. Highlights include "Biosphere 2," showing the eco-dreams of the 1970s, and "Motel," located just minutes from Venice Beach, revealing the sharp contrasts within Los Angeles neighborhoods. From these urban scenes to the serene beauty of National Parks, this collection showcases the varied stories that make up The West Coast. It brings together cultural landmarks, historical moments, and personal connections, offering a window into the region's unique character.

Date: 2019; 2023
Location: Arizona US; California US
Client: Private Project

Biosphere 2
2019, Oracle US
Metal Workshop
2023, Madera US
ASU Gammage
2019, Tempe US
2023, Los Angeles US
Ace Hotel
2023, Palm Springs US
Arch Rock
2023, Joshua Tree National Park US

Congress Trail
2023, Sequoia National Park US


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